PVT: Pure Ving Tsun

Pure Ving Tsun, in chinese 純。詠春, where 純 "pure" is pronounced "shun" like the name Wong "Shun" Leung “黃淳樑”. With this play on words we are commemorating the grand master WSL. Here we teach VT only, without other elements from other martial arts. PVT Spain Almería is the first PVT school that has been created outside of Hong Kong thanks to its affinity to Kung Fu achieving a unified doctrine of teaching so that more people can learn PVT just like it is learned in China.

純。詠春 (Pure Ving Tsun) 是一家源於香港的詠春拳會。「純」-一,取其音以紀念師父黃淳樑;二,純粹是詠春拳學,並無添加其他功夫元素。

PVT Spain (Almeria) 是我們第一間海外分校。秉承香港總會PVT的教學理念、教學方法等,希望能夠達致統一學說,並將之有效地傳承下去,傳到世界每一角落。令更多的人能夠學會詠春拳這個中國文化。 (Palabras de Sifu Jerry Yeung para la comunidad china)


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Sábados de 11:00h a 13:00h


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